When the worst dentist in America set up a franchise in Vancouver

Today’s archival blast from classifieds past, and our latest bolt down the rabbit hole of history, is an ad for a Vancouver dentist on October 3, 1917, who apparently was a dab hand at replacing lost teeth. His business problem? It appears some people needed convincing that having false teeth instead of holes in your mouth was important. “What good Continue Reading

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1917 movie night: Fatty Arbuckle in ‘His Wedding Night’

There was no bigger comedy star in 1917 than Fatty Arbuckle. Arguably the biggest celebrity of the time, Arbuckle starred in and directed comedy shorts that were widely distributed and much loved. Until the third night of a three day party in 1921, during which starlet Virginia Rappe died. Arbuckle was accused of raping her, though later acquitted at the Continue Reading

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